Watercolor Bird – Wild Midnight Tail

I created these birds as a glass representation of my watercolor birds, an example is shown in the last photo. It was fun trying to show the fluidity of watercolor in glass. Each bird is definitely one-of-a-kind, just like their watery counterparts.

The base panel glass is rainbow iridescent — the iridescent colors vary with each piece. The bird body was constructed out of sheet glass and the feathers and wings were created using my propane-oxygen torch to create the wild tails and wings.

This piece is 3.5×5″ (glass) plus a handmade copper hanger, which adds 2.25 – 2.5″ to the total height. Copper wire has been upcycled from electrical wire.

*This piece is discounted due to the factory “roller marks” in the glass visible just above the tail.

US Shipping is included. International shipping is 50% of the postage cost. I do not add any packing/handling charges.


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