Veggie Stix - Garden Marker Stakes

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Quantity discount of 10% for 3 or more. Use code ‘veggies’ on checkout.

Vegetable stakes for your growing garden πŸ₯¦ πŸ… πŸ₯’

I created each vegetable by melting glass with my torch then I cut and shaped sheet glass for the white glass marker. Several hours in the kiln later, they are fused and ready to go in your garden!

I created these stakes for my garden to be easily visible and so I can remember what I planted where. These fused glass markers won’t fade, warp, or blow away. Because these are smooth glass, you can use a marker or even something more ‘permanent’ like nail polish if you would like to add specific plant name(s), date planted, etc. to the stake. Wipe or remove the marks as you normally would (wet cloth, polish remover, etc). Or if you prefer a fired-on enamel label, that add-on option is below.

These glass stakes come in two sizes: large is just under 8-inches by 1-inch. The small size is perfect for container gardening and they are 4-inches by 1/2″.

I have included many photos of these garden stake markers. Each one is created individually, so there will be variations. The size and shape of the stakes (soft pointed end for large ones, and single angle point for the small ones) are as regular as I can be. The veggies are created one at a time in my torch and will have variations.

My veggies are multi-purpose. The dark green cucumber could also be a squash. Leafy greens are any number of greens and so on. But… don’t see your favorite vegetable? I have an *other option for each size at the end of the selection menu. Please message me on the checkout page or via my contact page to request your favorite.

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🌱 Quantity discount of 10% for 3 or more. Use code β€˜veggies’ on checkout.


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