Under The Sea - Focal Pendant Necklace

This long tube bead looks simple, but there is a lot that goes into it, mainly in the prep work to create the sea forms. The bead itself starts out as orange-ivory-orange and then I add layers of sea-colored glass so the jellies can swim.

The jellyfish forms are created by using murrini — little slices of glass with stripes on the outside that I poke to create the donut-y jelly shape.

Add-On Sterling Chain Choices

This necklace comes with an 18″ antiqued copper curb chain. If you prefer a sterling silver chain, available options are below.


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I create my own murrini, making what is called a cane — a long pull of glass — then cutting off the little slices to use in the larger piece. The cane-making takes a bit of time. I have a photo of a similar cane I made (last photo), right before I heated the whole thing up to molten and pulled it.

The edges between the orange and seafoam mint green are silvered ivory. I create that by getting a large amount of ivory glass molten — called a gather of glass — and then rolling it in 0.999 fine silver leaf. It creates a wonderful lacy and silvery glass.

Finally, I add 0.999 fine silver droplets all around the bead. The bubbles!

This glass bead was made by me using a propane-oxygen torch to shape the molten glass, followed by 8 hours in the kiln to anneal it. My beads are made “free-form” using basic hand tools to create the basic bead shape. (I do not use molds)

Fully kiln annealed.

Additional Details

  • Pendant bead is fully kiln annealed, approximately 50mm / 2″ in length.
  • Wired up by me, with Argentium sterling silver and Swarovski crystals.
  • The chain is an 18″ antiqued copper curb chain.
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