Trees and Birds

This is a private custom listing for:

  • Two fir tree ornaments ($16 each) = $32
  • Five ‘seconds’ birds at $15 each (normal price is $48/each) = $75

*These are seconds due to cracks/fractures around stainless steel legs or the body where it cracked and re-fused in the kiln. These are cosmetic defects. They are glass, but fused and stable. Please see photos 2 and 3 for examples of why these are seconds.

I have made many, many of these birds and have a few in my flower pots, out in all seasons. —  from -15F to over 100F and they do just fine.

Note: Handling the birds by the body versus the legs is best. If the legs are deflected too much, they will chip at the edge where the legs insert into the body.


Subtotal = $107.00

Shipping = $5.00

Thank you so much!

Original price was: $272.00.Current price is: $107.00.

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