Silver Heart & Mini Dichro

A First Dibs special listing for Janice
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Silver Heart Pendant $20

  • A fine silver (0.999 silver)  heart sits atop a jet black base glass and is encased in clear.
  • The pendant measures 1″ wide by 1.25″ tall
  • The bail loop is sterling silver and handmade by me

Little Dichro Pendant $10

(spotted by eagle eye from this Instagram post)

  • A textured piece of multi-hued dichroic glass on a base of black and encased in clear
  • The pendant measures ~0.5″ wide and 1″ tall, including stainless steel loop
  • This pendant is an aesthetic second due to the ‘rainbow leak’ of dichro as seen in the last photo. Structurally sound.

Necklace Chain Choices

These pieces are available as pendants. Various necklace chains are available here.


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