Sedgewick The Owl

Sedgewick sometimes feels like everything is a frenzy lately, but keeps a calm exterior. His eyes sometimes give him away, though.

This owl was built on a base of ivory, with silvered glass dots on the front and back. The silvered glass reacts with the ivory glass, creating beautiful glassy pools of blue-purple with an extra layer of shimmer. The wings are deep topaz with silvered ivory on the edges for a feathery effect. The eyes are multi-striped murrini* to give that wild-eyed appearance.

*Murrini are created using many layers of glass that are pulled into pencil-sized diameter (and smaller) and cut into discs before being melted on the base bead.

This listing is for the bead only. Please see description below for information about available chains and wiring up.


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  • Approximately 1″ tall, 1″ wide (25mm = 1″).
  • Mandrel size (bead hole): 3/32″ – hole runs vertically through owl.

Need this bead wired up?

I use Argentium sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystal accent beads to wire this bead into a pendant.

Need a chain?

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