Sand Dollar Suncatchers

I have been finding and collecting sand dollars on the Oregon coast since I was a small child. I love them so much. They are a type of sea urchin and also known as the eccentric sand dollar, or Dendraster excentricus. When alive, they have tiny spines all over the shell. (I put those ones back.) These are the shells left behind.

I have used sand dollars in various art projects over the years, but now I finally have a way to preserve them in a way that they won’t crumble or get filled with dust — I melt glass over them to get the impression of the sand dollar. Easy to clean, and won’t crumble!

These are ethereal reminders of the sand dollar shell. Even though I cut from the same sheet of glass and prepare the sand dollars the same way, they all turn out differently. Some shells leave a bit of a white shadow, some are completely clear with just the star-like impression in the glass. Which makes photographing them a challenge! So I have a large gallery of photos to check out to see how these look in different lighting and individual variations.

The waves are either white and light blue or white and darker blue (turquoise). Please let me know in the comment box on checkout if you have a preference. Inspiration credit to my college son who bugged me to add ‘realistic waves’ that flowed over the sand dollar. ?

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  • Approximate size 3.5″ x 4″
  • Clear glass melted over a real sand dollar shell. No two are the same.
  • Waves and foam are on top of the sand dollar and left softly raised.
  • Stainless steel loops for hanging
  • Raffia ‘ribbon’ included
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