Red Zinger Frog Necklace

This bright red frog is sitting atop a cool blue tube bead, hanging on for dear life, thankful to not be a melted blob. 😀

Frogs take a lot of concentration to make. I start with the base bead (in this case, transparent blue with light blue swirls), then it is a complex sequence of knowing what part to melt down first and then build on it for the frog — since glass, when melted, just wants to be a messy round blob!

This frog pendant is just over 1.25″ long. Please see 2nd photo for size reference. Fully kiln-annealed.


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This glass bead was made by me using a propane-oxygen torch to shape the molten glass, followed by 8 hours in the kiln to anneal it. My beads are made “free-form” using basic hand tools to create the basic bead shape. (I do not use molds)

The chain is an 18″ antiqued copper curb chain — if you would like another length, just ask. Wired with heavy silver plated wire and components with Swarovski crystal accent.

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