Reclaimed Wood: Driftwood Red Swirl Heart Mini

I love that this piece of natural driftwood is heart-shaped!

This is a mini version of my swirl enameled hearts. The heart is roughly 1-inch tall and wide. I hand-cut this heart out of copper sheet metal. Then I created the swirls by two colors of enamels – white and red.

Additional construction details are below.

Note: the back of this piece of driftwood has a ridge.


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About This Piece

  • Driftwood found on the Oregon Coast by me
  • Wood: 2″ widest point | ~6″ tall | ~1.25″ thick
  • Hand-cut copper heart with white and red swirl design in the enamel
  • Heart is enameled on one side (no enamel on side facing wood)
  • Brass nails used to secure heart to wood
  • Brass wire hanger (extends 2.5″ beyond wood)

Please note: this heart is securely fastened to the wood by the brass nails (no glue). The driftwood and the heart are not perfectly flat, so there are some gentle curves to the piece.

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