Driftwood – Full Moon Over the Sea Waves

A sweet little scene — the full moon rising over the rolling seas.

The full moon is a teeny sand dollar shell that I found while beach combing on the Oregon coast. Sand dollars are related to sea urchins and are quite fascinating.

I hand-cut the waves out of copper sheet metal and created the swirls by ‘drawing’ with two colors of enamels – white and blue.

Additional construction details are below.


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About This Piece

  • Driftwood found on the Oregon coast by me
  • Baby sand dollar shell for the moon found on the Oregon coast by me (this was a shell – called a ‘test’ – no sand dollars harmed for this piece)
  • Sand dollar moon affixed with non-toxic Weldbond glue.
  • Wood: 4.5″ wide | ~1.75″ tall | ~0.5″ thick
  • Hand-cut copper wave form with white and blue swirl design in the enamel
  • Wave form is enameled on one side (no enamel on side facing wood)
  • Brass nails used to secure heart to wood
  • Brass wire hanger (extends 2.5″ beyond wood)
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