Raven – Craine

Please click on the arrows in the lower right of the image to enlarge the photos/video. The first 5 photos are of Craine.

Ravens get a bad rap sometimes, but they are smart, beautiful, and I love them! Justine is part of a new raven flock. I designed the pattern using a pencil and paper and then a combination of black and iridescent glass to achieve the look. The eye is a spot of golden brown.

Each raven is a collection of many puzzle pieces of glass — what is seen from the front and grey clear glass on the back for support. The stainless steel legs are fused between layers of glass. No glue is used. The wing is a silver iridescent glass and crackles on its own during firing. So if you see a pattern you like, grab it because each pattern is truly one of a kind.

The ravens are larger than the ravenettes and the rest of my garden birds. Please see comparisons in the photos and measurements below). The ravens are best suited as a flower pot addition, as seen in the photo (My apologies for winter-dead flower pot! Or maybe… appropriate?) These garden ravens are fine for indoor or outside use.

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The Details

  • 2-3 layers of glass
  • Body is 10 inches beak-to-tail, and 3 inches wide
  • Raven stands 9 inches tall (less when in dirt)
  • Stainless steel legs fused between layers of glass – no glue used
  • Crackle effects on silver wing vary with each bird
  • Best suited for a large garden pot
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