Rainbow Spring Leaves Pocket Vase

Rich and colorful hues on this vase cradle rootlets and flowers between leafy green branches.

This vase was constructed with two sheets of glass — clear for the front with a rainbow-hued mossy green glass for the back. I have created the leaves and branches using a torch and overlaid and melted them on the front panel.

I hand-wired the loop hanger out of heavy gauge copper.

This piece is fully fused, meaning that it is 100% sealed and holds water for live stems. I have had stems in mine 3-4 days before I needed to add additional water. These vases are great for dried flowers or air plants. Or… fill this vase with essential oils and diffuser reeds for a unique aromatherapy diffuser.

This little ‘pocket vase’ is a lovely accent in the window, on a wall, or on your fridge. This petite flower vase is perfect for gardeners, host/hostess gifts, housewarmings, and nature lovers.

This is a one-of-a-kind, handmade item.
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  • Rainbow iridescent green back with clear front
  • The vase is 3.5″ wide and 7.25″ tall, including copper wire hanger
  • Pocket is 2″ wide and 3″ deep with a square base
  • Pocket is fully sealed will not leak
  • Fully fused and kiln annealed glass
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