Purple Mosaic Big Hole Bead Set (5)

These beads are an intricate mix of lines and dots on a floating ethereal glass base.

This bead set was clear core, heavily encasing in amethyst, then a mix of purple and pink glass to create the intricate dots and patterns.

These beads have a large hole – 4mm (1/8″) – and look great worn together or a few at a time on a simple chain or cord.

Need a chain?

These chains fit these beads. The beads may be strung directly on the chain and worn as a group or separately.


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Mandrel size (bead hole): 4mm (1/8″) for all beads in this set
25mm = 1 inch

Beads range in size:
14.7 – 15.2 mm diameter
8.3 – 8.6 mm high (hole-to-hole)

Bead Shapes

I do not use molds or presses to make my beads. Each one is formed ‘freehand’ in the flame. This listing is for the actual bead(s) pictured.

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