Purple Galaxy Heart

Like the Blue Galaxy Heart, there are several photos of this heart because it changes depending on light — bright versus dim, indoor light versus natural light. This heart is on a purple and blue galaxy of color. At first glance, it may look like a silver heart on a black background. Then again, it may have a gold hue to the heart on a purple-blue background.

The background of this one is a mix of iridescent blue and purple. The colors show up like the blue on a butterfly wing does when the angle is just right, as in the last photo. Here is a video of this effect in action. ?

The details

  • A fine silver (0.999 silver)  heart sits atop an iridescent blue base glass and is encased in clear. A thicker silver fleck accents the right side of this healed heart.
  • The pendant measures 0.75″ wide and 1.25″ tall, not including the bail.
  • The bail loop is sterling silver and handmade by me.
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