Open Hearts

My mantra to remember to have an open heart. To remember that everyone faces their own challenges, whether apparent or not. Kindness matters, especially now.

The stamped copper circle was stamped by me, then antiqued the letters so they stand out. I then polished each piece to a bright shine. I hand-forged each connector ring and hammered it with a light texture. The hammering stiffens the metal so it is a strong connector ring.

The hearts are a copper base that I enameled with a deep red enamel. Enamels are glass that has been ground into a fine powder. Heating each piece in the torch melts the glass and permanently fuses it to the metal. The red color will remain bright and not fade over time.

This listing is available to build it as you like. Each piece is available individually or as a grouping. Chains are available as add-on options, as shown below.

NOTE: Each copper circle comes with a connector ring.


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These pieces are a great way to mix and match. They may be worn individually or as a grouping. Please see photos for heart sizes.

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