Mushroom Lamp – Orange Ice

One of my favorite color combinations — orange and blue. The colors play nicely off each other on this piece, giving this lamp a warm-cool glow.

The design

The cap was created using two pieces of circular glass – clear and a mushroom-y almond color. I used several sizes and hues of blue and yellow/orange on the top that I melted in flat. The cap is softly domed and smooth.

The stem

The stem is a recycled bottle that I cut, ground and polished, sandblasted, then annealed in my kiln for added durability. Finally, I added a light glaze for easy cleaning (damp cloth) and to reduce fingerprints on the sandblasted surface.

The light

This lamp comes with a compact LED nightlight-sized lamp that fits inside of the stem.

If you prefer to place this mushroom in a garden space or have a lamp of your own that you would prefer to use, you can select the ‘no light’ option to receive the mushroom only.

Additional details

This mushroom is one piece. The top and stem have been bonded with clear silicone. To learn more about the creation of glass mushrooms, please see this blog post – behind the handmade scenes.

Please click here for additional details about this lamp.


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Mushroom is approximately 6.5-inches tall with a 4.5-inch diameter (sloped) cap.

  • Clear and almond glass cap base with orange and blue speckled top
  • Cap is fully fused and cap and stem are annealed in my digitally controlled kiln
  • Light has a dial on/off switch (see photo)
  • 6-foot long white cord
  • The included light bulb is an energy-saving 1.5-watt bulb / 120v
  • Mercury-free bulb
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
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