Lime and Orange Dog Bone Set (7)

A bright mini set of lime green and bright orange – 1 dog bone and 6 coordinated spacer beads.

These handmade glass beads are perfect for a bracelet, necklace and earrings, or any combination thereof!

Please note: This listing is for the beads only. Please contact me if you would like this set wired up as jewelry.


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All beads fully kiln annealed.


Mandrel size (bead hole): 1/16″ for all beads in this set
25mm = 1 inch

Hole runs lengthwise and is 26mm (~1″)
Bead is 31.2mm end-to-end

Bead Shapes

I do not use molds or presses to make my beads. Each one is formed ‘freehand’ in the flame. This listing is for the actual bead(s) pictured.


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