Large Flower Garden Stake - Blue Green

This flower is one of my favorite blues. It is also slightly translucent, which I love. The green stripes on each petal are iridescent glass that shimmers in the sun. The center is a bright yellow glass and the very center is a handmade copper center.

The flower is 5″ in diameter (cupped shape) and the entire stake stands 33″ tall.



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The process

Each flower was drawn and cut by me, and fired twice — first to fuse the glass and then to shape it. After firing, I drilled each one and installed stainless steel and copper hardware to secure the flower to the stem at the center.

The stems are 1/4″ copper tubing. I fabricated the copper centers out of thin-rolled copper, added some stippling, and secured them with weatherproof clear silicone to cover the bolt head.

The stakes were designed by my engineer husband and are 3-D printed. They are secured by copper pins drilled through the stake and the stem. I also used a small amount of clear silicone to reduce any rattle/movement.

To unpack: grasp the black stake and behind the flower head and gently straighten. Forcing a tight bend in the tubing may cause it to kink. Here is a quick video illustrating how to stretch them out.

To stake them in the garden: apply pressure on the black stake part rather than the glass or copper tubing.

Questions? Feel free to contact me at any time!

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