Large Bowl – Bubble Escape

I love the combination of bright orange and aqua blue. Fire and ice! Plus, where the two colors meet, a crisp dark line forms between the two. I called this one ‘Bubble Escape” because the aqua and opalescent white dots are splashing through the bars. ?

This dish was created on a sheet of clear, with many small stripes cut to create the lines. Progress photos are at the bottom of this page.

This is the biggest fused glass piece that I have made to date. It took up every bit of my kiln and most of my photo tent, too. I started with a 9″x9″ square. It is 8.5″ side-to-side and 11″ corner-to-corner in the bowl shape. It is 2″ deep in the midsection and 2.75″ deep at the corners.


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Here are a couple of progress shots on this piece:

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