Kitty Toe Beans – Cabinet Knobs

This is a custom order listing for “kitty toe beans” cabinet/doorknobs.

The first fusing was the color and clear squares of glass. I rounded the corners and then did a full fuse. This creates nice “bullnose” rounded edges all around.

The second fusing was to add the white paw and black toes. This is a ‘contour fuse’ which fuses the new glass to the base and leaves the leg/paw elements softly raised.

The Details

  • Size is 2.5-inches square
  • Base square is the color+clear (6mm thick)
  • The raised paws are white with raised black toe beans
  • Colors are: red, yellow, orange, green, ice blue, and robin’s egg blue
  • 4 lengths of stainless steel 10-24 truss head screws are included with each knob to work with a variety of cabinet/door thicknesses
  • Bases are 3D printed out of PETG and are affixed to the glass with SEM automotive seam sealer
  • Each base has a brass threaded insert firmly screwed in place


  • Price is per knob
  • Shipping is included
  • Will be ready to ship Friday


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