Hot Lava Water Drops (5)

Hot and cold! This is an eye-catching raised bead set with 3mm holes (1/8″ mandrel) perfect for a necklace, earrings, bracelet or …?

I always LOVE seeing what my customers come up with. Please send me photos of your creations using my beads for possible inclusion on my bead blog.

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Bead Details

This bead set was made on a base of transparent orange with silvered glass encased in clear for the raised color dots.

1/8” mandrel – hole runs as shown by the blue cord.
Fully kiln annealed – all of my beads go directly from flame to kiln and are cooled slowly over 8 hours.

*Set includes an extra surprise bead.

Bead Shapes

I do not use molds or presses to make my beads. Each one is formed ‘freehand’ in the flame. This listing is for the actual bead(s) pictured.

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