Garden Zen Face Plant Stake

Ahhhh. Deep breaths. Does anyone else feel this way when you are in the garden or our in nature? I know I do. This face is serene and resilient — it won’t wilt, fade, or warp in the sunlight.

This serene face was created on a base of garden green, with sky blue eyelids, a red nose, and dark red lips. The hair is a fun mix of green-aqua-black twisties.

These mini plant stakes may be used for both inside and outside plants. The 5″ stake is stainless steel. Additional details below.


This face is one-of-a-kind, in stock and ready to ship. If you would like to request additional garden faces – please contact me to let me know what you are looking for.

The plant and ‘in-hand’ photos are for reference only.

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Additional Info

This serene face is approximately 1″ long and 0.75 wide (25mm = 1″)
Stake is stainless steel approximately 5.5″ long
Fully kiln annealed

Each plant stake is handmade by me. I do not use molds or presses. Each glass design is formed in the flame and then cooled over a period of 8 hours in my kiln (a process called annealing).

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