Garden Bird – Ruffled Feathers

I named this bird ‘ruffled feathers’ because the hair-thin red line ‘jumped’ a bit in the kiln. I decided to leave it, because as in real life, sometimes bird’s feathers are a bit messy. And it is a good reminder not to get too ruffled up.

These little birds make an eye-catching addition to your garden all year round. On legs of stainless steel, this sweet little bird can ‘perch’ in soil or gravel, in any type of weather. This glass will not fade in sunlight.

I created this pattern and hand-cut each piece of this bird, assembling it on a base of clear (see 3rd photo) with the steel legs sandwiched between the glass layers. This bird is a bright green with orange wing and tail accents. The eyes, beak, wing, and tail elements have been left softly raised. Total height is just under 7″ and the bird body is 5″ by 3″.

This little bird makes a great gift for bird and nature lovers, gardeners, and those who appreciate handmade original artwork. This bird is also part of the Trees and Birds Project 2020. I am donating 10% of the list price will be donated to bird organizations to help birds.

Trees & Birds Project 2020


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