Fire Flower – Blues

Flowers that bloom in a ball of fire and molten glass. ?

Clear and transparent colors have always been my favorite types of glass to work with, and this type of pendant showcases the unique properties of molten glass; flowing movement and then … frozen forever. I use an optically clear glass for optimal quality and ‘glass orb’ look.

This flower has deep blue petals, a bright yellow center of stamens, and 3 pale green sepals at the base.

I start by creating ‘canes’ which are small sticks of glass featuring 2-3 colors, usually a transparent color layered over a solid color such as white. This adds depth to the petals. I then make a cane to represent the yellow flower stamens in the center.

Each component is melted on to a clear glass surface, and then through the magic of heat and gravity, the flower blooms. It is magic every time.

Learn more about my fire flower process in this blog post.

This necklace comes on a 20″ metal cable chain as pictured. If you would like to swap or upgrade the chain, please see options below. To see photos of each option, please see chain choices.


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Pendant Details

  • The chain is 20-inch copper-plated brass cable chain.
  • The pendant is approximately 1-inch long.
  • Fully kiln annealed.

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