Feather Print Greeting Card

I love birds and have collected ‘found’ feathers for as long as I can remember. I have chickens and geese, and like dogs and cats, they shed (molt) each year. This means lots of feathers everywhere.

I decided to make some prints using these feathers. This greeting card series features prints using large goose and smaller chicken feathers that I washed then made impressions with acrylic paints.

  • This listing is for a single blue and purple feathers print card + envelope.
  • Additional photos show sample cards.
  • Website URL watermark is NOT on the card(s) you will receive.

Card sizes and paper specifications are listed below.


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Card and Paper Specifications

  • Card color: Natural white (not bright white)
  • Card size: 5″ x 6.875″
  • Envelope size: 5.25″ x 7.25″
  • Card weight: 280 gsm
  • Envelope weight: 70lb text
  • Paints: Non-toxic acrylic paint

This listing is for a single blue and purple feathers print card + envelope.

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