Enameled Heart Charms Trio

These hearts are ‘charm size’ — perfect for a necklace, earrings, or charm bracelet. They may be worn together or separately. They are lightweight and durable.

Each heart is unique and individual. I do not use templates or punches to create these hearts.

Additional photos (different hearts, with penny) show size variations and how they look on chains available in my shop.

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I hand-cut each heart out of 24 gauge copper sheet metal. I then smoothed the edges and added several layers (5-8) of colored enamels. This heart set is mottled aqua green, pink, and deep purple.

Enamels are fine glass powder that I coat on each heart – both sides – and then melt the glass in my propane-oxygen torch. This fuses the glass to the metal.

 Materials and Details

  • Copper metal, enamel (glass)
  • Copper ring soldered closed
  • 15 – 22 mm (0.62 – 0.87″) in length + 8mm soldered ring
  • Enameled on both sides, same color
  • Side B visible in the ruler photo
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