Deep Purple Sea – Fish Bead

This fish is a myriad of colors, plus a hint of fine silver.

Body = pearly gray base with silvered ivory stripes and cream colored dots. Then I encased the body in clear for added depth.

Fins = a mix of purples! One of the purples is a color-shifter: lavender in daylight and blue in fluorescent light (like my light box)!

Lips = A juicy pink-and-purple

Note: This listing is for the bead only. Please see info below about wiring up into a pendant and available chains.


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Bead Details

Built on a 3/32″ mandrel
Hole runs vertically – 14.3mm / 0.6″
Lips-to-fins – 35.7mm / 1.4″

This lampwork bead was made by me using a propane-oxygen torch to shape the molten glass, followed by 8 hours in the kiln to anneal it. This bead is made “free-form” — I do not use any molds or forms to create my beads.

Kiln annealed.

Need this bead wired up?

I use Argentium sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystal accent beads to wire this bead into a pendant. Click here for more info about the wire-up service.

Need a chain?

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