Day At The Seashore Charm Set (5)

A little grab bag of ocean-y fun in this charm set. A crab (with a stubby crab leg), 3 sea stars, and a purple urchin (eerily similar to this pinwheel charm set).

  • The crab sits atop a watery mix of blue and white glass.
  • The sea stars are created on a solid base, with a dot of transparent (aqua/pale blue/lavender) and then the starfish sits atop of that. Sea star colors: semi-transparent lavender, peach, opaque purlple.
  • The urchin is a striped cane created by me and pressed into the base glass. The front of that charm was capped in clear glass (dome shape).
  • The back of each charm varies – two are smooth, three have embossed swirls.

These charms may be worn as a set or used for several projects. Additional design ideas – zipper pull, purse charm, or knitting markers. So many possibilities!

Each charm was created by melting glass directly on copper wire. Each charm is fully fused to the copper, kiln-annealed, and a durable design. All copper has been polished to a high shine finish. Keep metal shiny with a metal polishing cloth.

Set of 5 charms. Free US shipping.

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Charm Set Details

  • Created on 18 gauge pure copper wire
  • Jump ring is copper
  • Fully kiln annealed glass bead
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