Copper Core Olive Neutrals (4)

I added copper cores to this softly hued set of beads. They have a ‘finished’ look that looks great worn on a chain or you can wire them up as you normally would.

I used a silver-laden glass over ivory to produce the subtle shade of color – olive, purple, and golden tones that I then encased in clear for a magnifying effect. The silver also reacts with the ivory on the edges to produce a lacy ‘antique’ look.


Need this bead set wired up?

I use Argentium sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystal accent beads to wire this bead into a pendant. Click here for more info about the wire-up service.

Chain not included.

Need a chain?


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Three of the beads are well matched it outside diameter size. (showed in ruler photo).

NOTE: On one of the beads, the ivory created a line within the color bed. I took a super close up photo to show this.

2 are 1/8″ and 2 are 3/32″ cores

Round beads range in size:
13.6 – 15.0 mm diameter
7.9 – 8.8 mm high (hole-to-hole)
25mm = 1 inch

I do not use molds or presses to make my bone beads. Each one is formed ‘freehand’ in the flame. Each bone I make is unique. This listing is for the actual bone pictured.

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