Blue Wave 2 Swirl Earrings

This pair is called Blue Wave 2 because they are similar (yet different, since each piece created freehand) to these Blue Wave Earrings.

Waves and swirls – my favorite design motif. I created each earring from a pre-cut copper rectangle with a loop, using several layers of enamels. Enamels are fine glass powders that I melt using my propane-oxygen torch. This melts the powder into a very thin layer of glass that is permanently fused to the copper.

To create the design, I use a base of white with a layer of cobalt blue on top. I create the design in the enamels with a fine wire — drawing in the glass powder.

Ear wires are stainless steel leverbacks (hinged loop) that help keep earrings in ears (instead of getting lost). If you prefer a copper earwire, please let me know on checkout. I will swap them at no additional charge.

Additional details below.

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  • Earrings are 1.25″ top of loop to bottom of earring.
  • Enameled rectangle is 0.75″ tall and 0.5″ wide
  • Stainless steel ear wires (hypoallergenic)
  • Very lightweight.
  • Two-color enamel design on front, white enamel on back.

1 inch = 25mm

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