Blue Filigrana Fish

Filigrana is a type of glass cane that has a color core wrapped in clear. (For details and history, see:

The filigrana glass that I used for this piece is a white core, then cobalt, then clear. This makes the most beautiful flowy ribbon! The fins are a mix of blues and aqua. The lips are lapis blue.

Note: The body is clear with a blue ribbon. The photo looks like it is blue in the front half of this fish, but that is the blue fin from the other side showing through.

This listing is for the bead only. Please see info below about wiring up into a pendant and available chains.

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Bead Details

  • Built on a 3/32″ mandrel
  • Hole runs vertically – 14.9 mm / 0.6″
  • Lips-to-fins – 33.0 mm / 1.3″
  • Kiln annealed

This lampwork bead was made by me using a propane-oxygen torch to shape the molten glass, followed by 8 hours in the kiln to anneal it. This bead is made “free-form” — I do not use any molds or forms to create my beads.

Need this bead wired up?

I use Argentium sterling silver wire and Swarovski crystal accent beads to wire this bead into a pendant. Please select ‘wire up’ from the drop-down menu.

Please note: This bead will need to be wired up (by me or by you) to hang as a pendant on a chain. The hole runs vertically.

Need a chain?

Please select a chain choice from the drop-down menu. Copper, steel, and sterling silver necklace choices are available.

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