Forest Path by Janet Crosby

Take A Walk

In this post, I decided to feature some of the sights on my nature walks to show what catches my eye and influences my work. Let’s go!

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Feathers by Janet Crosby

Wild and Windy

I regularly post something related to birds on Fridays — you can find them on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I use the hashtag #FeatherFriday for

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Red Glass Hearts by Janet Crosby

Celebrating Color

Whatever medium I am working in  — glass, paint, watercolor, photography, yarn — the unifying inspiration for me is color. Sweet harmonies and zingy pops

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Summer Sorting

Summer is both a crazy busy time and a lull time. Busy with longer days and all of the fun things do to outdoors. Lull

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Instagram Octo -


If I had to pick a favorite social media hangout, it would be Instagram. Photos! Clean and simple. At least for today, anyway. I added a

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