Walk Along 5th Avenue in Winter

Back From NYC

My sisterly nurse duties are done for now. I may go back in a month or so when my sister has to have another surgery.

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New York City

My next post was going to be a studio remodel update or maybe what new glass or art I am working on. Instead, this is

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Oh January! janetcrosby.com


This has been a loooong January. I planned to spend this month doing “paperwork” and while I was ready to dig into my not-so-favorite tasks,

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Studio Update: Drywall

While I haven’t melted glass lately :(, I have been working. The studio is coming along. Inspector Q Quincy has been very interested in this

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Winter Wrap-Up

After a year of drought and forest fires, we are happy to have precipitation here in the pacific northwest. And in the inland northwest, that

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Working On Wind Chimes

Fusing some glass drops to go with all of the driftwood I can’t stop myself from collecting. I created custom wire loops for each set

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