Glass Bubbles by Janet Crosby

Blowing Bubbles

I enjoyed a recent trip to Seattle for a glass fest called Refract. After watching literally hours of glassblowing by the pros, I thought I would try some glass blowing, too. Even if my set up is micro compared to the big pipes and furnaces.

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Glass in the garden

This has been a busy summer. I split my time between the garden and the studio, which was a nice mix. It was also great overlap for inspiration. Here are a some of the projects I worked on over the last few months.

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Purl in the evening glow

Glass for Greyhounds

We recently lost this sweet girl. Feeling adrift, I found solace in my glass studio. I decided to create something in Purl’s memory to help other Greyhounds with medical needs and those hounds that are looking for that forever couch to call their own.

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Big Blue Bird by Janet Crosby

New Birds!

I have been working on some new birds. And while I have posted on Instagram and Facebook, I have neglected posting here. So, without further adieu, here are some photos.

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Mushroom Reboot

Last week I wrote about making glass mushrooms. These little lamps pictured above were about to hit the shop. But then…. problems happened.

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Ode to silicone

Yesterday, I wrote about making fused glass mushrooms. I thought I was done with the behind-the-scenes story. All of the components were made. I just needed to add a little clear silicone to attach the cap to the stem. Easy.

Except not easy. I created so much work for myself in the clean-up process.

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Behind the handmade scenes – mushrooms

Sometimes running my own business seems like there are so many things to do that I am sprinting from one task to the next. And other times it feels like I am stuck in quicksand trying to get an item created and actually added to my website shop. Here is a look behind the scenes.

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