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How did my garden grow?

November 27, 2020
The garden took up most of my summer. Here is the story in a few words and lots of photos.

Taking the leap

Over the years, I have grown lots of flowers and a few random tomato plants, but this year I decided to go for it and plant a “real” garden. A garden that was edible.

I started out looking for a vegetable seed pack since I wasn’t sure what would be good to grow. Something that wouldn’t die on the vine. Luckily, I found Zziggysgal Heirloom Veggie Pack and got growing. I also filled out my garden with seeds gifted to me and from Burpee. These seeds were amazing — easy to start both indoors and out — and whoa… look at this produce!

Flowers and other harvests

I still grew flowers, but the difference during this pandemic year was that I didn’t purchase any starts. All of the flowers were either perennials that re-grew or flowers grown from seed. Surprisingly, this was more fun to me than picking up plants at a garden center and sticking them in the dirt.

I also started baking bread, thanks to the easy recipes I discovered on the King Arthur Baking website. Their no-knead crusty bread is beginner-friendly, and if you let it sit for a few days in the fridge = YUM (step 5 on the recipe)

But the real story was… tomatoes!

The package on the Jiffy seed starter said to plant 3 seeds then cut off 2 of the smaller ones. Well… the plants were so robust that I just couldn’t lop off 2 healthy plants! So I painstakingly separated the 3 seedlings in every tiny peat pot, questioned my sanity, and re-potted them. That meant that I had roughly 3 times the tomato plants I intended to plant.

I gave away tomato plants to anyone I could find to take them. Then I planted the rest (43 plants 😅) in my garden and on large pots on my deck. It was the start of the Tomato Tsunami later in the summer.

The last days of summer

The summer got off to a cool start and we had a long stretch of warm days all the way until fall. But then… everything came to a quick end with sub-freezing temps and snow in the forecast. I harvested all remaining tomatoes on the vines (16 grocery bags) and let down the fence for the chickens to re-claim their area. They were delighted to finally get to inspect, close-up, everything that had piqued their curiosity all summer as I gardened.

A fitting end to a great season.

Happy chickens ❤️
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