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Fused Glass Photo Frame by Janet Crosby

QuarARTine Time

All of this ‘downtime’ should be perfect studio time, but it has been hard concentrating and being creative with so much going on. But … we are finding our focus and rhythm here in our isolation home.

I was so happy to see a new project by my favorite teacher, Jim Mathews, also known as the Glasshoppa. I am a Patreon member for his tutorials, and this week was a fun one: photo stands. This is especially timely as we are all holed up, doing FaceTime and Zoom, and longingly looking at photos of those times we could hang out and hug our loved ones.

Fusing process

I thought it would be fun to post a quick pop-up contest on my Instagram and Facebook pages about the construction of these photo holders.

These items take 2 firings, about 12-15 hours each time.

Photo stands

Some of my favorite answers

I did an ‘at home’ texting version of this contest with family members, since they were not eligible for the main contest. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite answers from family, Instagram, and Facebook.

  • Hummingbird perch
  • The best face shield visors ever!!! (Unless you run and fall)
  • Strange wind chimes
  • Take-out menu holder
  • Recipe holder (hey, that could work!)

The official answer is

Photo stand! But I also think “recipe holder” or “sheet music holder” are valid, too.

And the winners are…

Instagram = saskiakh
Facebook = Lisa Moss (not technically the ‘right’ answers, but A+ for creative and enthusiastic answers!)

The photo frame in action

Here are a few of my test frames. They are a little rough, but I modified my process to make them a little more polished. Still, they work!

The photo is sweet Oz the cat (RIP).
He was the beloved bookstore cat at Beach Books in Seaside, Oregon. ❤️
For reference, Oz’s photo is a 4×6 postcard.

  • Fused Glass Photo Frame by Janet Crosby
  • Fused Glass Photo Frame by Janet Crosby
  • Fused Glass Photo Frame by Janet Crosby
  • Fused Glass Photo Frame by Janet Crosby
  • Fused Glass Photo Frame by Janet Crosby

Got photos? Need a stand?

I have a huge kiln load ready for firing #2 (forming the stand) later today and will have these in my shop this week. I will host a preview sale in my Facebook Group for the first dibbers! I will have a few price points for these stands based on the type of glass, complexity of design, and size.

This Facebook group is separate from my main Facebook page (sorry this is confusing). The group is focused on items for sale for those who would like a 24-hour headstart on new items. This is the current rendition of my “quick list” that I started many years ago when I used to list items on eBay. All are invited to join in. Just click on the Facebook Group link to be added.

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