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Trees and Birds Project

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End of the year update – December 31, 2020

I am grateful for your support during this turbulent year! The Trees and Birds Project garnered $96.39 and I added to the donations to give to the organizations outlined in this post plus Audubon.

Here are the totals:
  • North Coast Land Conservancy $100
  • Audubon $50 (with a 3x match)
  • Arbor Day Foundation $50
  • Cornell Lab of Ornithology $100 (with a 2x match)
That brings the total, with matches, to $500 for birds and trees!

Original Post – January 2020
If you have followed this blog or my Instagram or Facebook pages, you know that I love hiking out in nature. The gorgeous trees and birds top my list of reasons why I find nature so restorative. I am deeply inspired by nature, and my glass and watercolor art reflect that focus.

So, for this brand new year and decade, while the world is quite literally burning (Australia ?), I am planning a year-long focus on trees and birds and a plan to donate to organizations that support trees and birds.

Tree and bird organizations

Once the holiday shopping and shipping busyness slowed down, I started researching what organizations would be a good fit for what I had in mind. There are so many worthwhile ones to choose from. It was kind of overwhelming.

Here are the organizations I have selected for this year:

North Coast Land Conservancy

North Coast Land Conservancy

I spend a great deal of time on the Oregon coast, walking the beaches and hiking the forest. I am forever grateful that I met the fabulous people at NCLC during one of their many summer ‘on the land’ events a few years ago.

These are my people. They work every day to rehabilitate and protect coastal lands and forests. Volunteering with them is always fun, and I know and support their work wholeheartedly.

Arbor Day Foundation

Arbor Day Foundation

I like their ‘time for trees’ focus, and I have emailed and called them with questions. They were responsive and helpful. I recently received 12 bare root trees from ADF and I am excited to see them grow.

You can join and earn trees, too! Or have some planted in a forest on your behalf, send them to someone who needs more trees, or plant a tree in memory of a beloved pet.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Cornell Lab of Ornithology

I first discovered this organization by downloading the Merlin Bird ID app so I could get better at identifying the birds at my bird feeders.

I love birds, but I am a novice ‘birder’ at best. This app has helped me learn so many birds and their songs.

They have many programs to help birds (and other animals) around the world.

The year of trees and birds

For my bird and tree focus this year (2020), I am doing the following:

  • Mention the organizations listed above on my blog or social media as it fits with my art pieces and inspirations.
  • Planting trees, feeding birds, and volunteering whenever I can.
  • Donating 10% of the list price (before processing fees, materials cost, labor, and shipping are figured in) on all artwork tagged Trees and Birds Project that are purchased on this website this year. I plan to donate when there is a match going on to double/triple or maybe even quadruple my donations and will update this post.
Trees & Birds Project 2020
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