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First show of the season and a quick PSA

September 27, 2019
I am doing a few shows at Gonzaga University this fall. Once a month the have a ‘Wednesday Bazaar’ in the student center. The first show was all day on Wednesday this week. I had a great time and several sales. woot! I was surprised and pleased. Thank you to all who visited my booth!

I also had a little ’emergency’ with my eye.

Backstory: I had a ‘floater,’ appear a couple days prior, but it was mainly just annoying. I was busy prepping for my show and didn’t give it much thought.

On the evening before the show, I started to feel a little ‘migraine-y’ — the light-sensitivity that happens a day or two before a migraine. Bad timing! But I was also experiencing a little bit of blurriness. That was new. Also, the light sensitivity was only in the eye with the floater. hmmm

I got set up at the show and then called my eye doc first thing to check in. They wanted me to come in asap. eeek! Thankfully, my dear husband came and filled in for me for a couple hours. He saved the day. My other option was to pack up before the show started. Thanks, hubby!

I had a posterior vitreous detachment in my right eye which sounds horrible, but is pretty common, apparently. Part of getting older. ? The doc did a very complete exam. Good news is that everything is OK now. Recheck in 6 weeks. The worry is that I could have had a retinal tear or detachment, which could lead to blindness in as little as 2 hours(!!!).

So here is my PSA (public service announcement) = if you see a floater or have any weird flashes of light or blurriness in your eye (but feel otherwise fine), don’t wait — call your eye doc immediately!

Yesterday was ice and heat packs and migraine recovery mode. Today is getting my online shop in order.

Coming up

  • Mushroom lamps are offline until the end of the month until I can get more light hardware and LED bulbs.
  • New pocket vases/frames are on the way, too.
  • I am also going to work on some fused glass snowflakes and…whatever I come up with…. for the holidays.

We are on snow watch for a big storm this weekend. I am not ready! My tomatoes are still green on the vines! ?? ?

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