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Purl in the evening glow

Glass for Greyhounds

July 15, 2019
I am a bit behind on posting this in the blog. I have been pulled in several directions lately, but here is an introduction and recap about my Glass for Greyhounds fundraiser.

Inspiration: Purl the Greyhound

Last month, we suffered the loss of our beloved Greyhound Purl. She was a fit and spry senior, with no known health issues. She loved hiking, forests, the beach, the snow, hogging the couches, and her dog treats. Not necessarily in that order.

Then one sunny summer morning, she began having seizures. This was so out of the blue. We did all that we could, but her condition deteriorated and we said a sad goodbye to our sweet Purl girl. I wrote more about her on my other blog: My sweet Purl girl.

Feeling adrift, I found solace in my glass studio. I decided to create something in Purl’s memory to help other Greyhounds with medical needs and those hounds that are looking for that forever couch to call their own. These are random dog faces, not exactly Greyhound faces, but helping Greyhounds all the same.

Glass for Greyhounds

I made these little dog faces and am offering 100% of the $20 cost to Greyhound Pets of America Greater Northwest, where we adopted Purl (and our other Greyhound, Argos) several years ago.

Glass for Greyhounds
Click here to go directly to the Glass for Greyhounds shop listing


7/15/19: I am happy to report that there are only two dog faces left! I made the first donation today – $100 and have another donation pending for the remainder of ‘Glass for Greyhounds’ dog faces to be adopted.

7/16/19 2pm: Only ONE dog face remains! Thank you thank you thank you! ❤️ ?


Thank you for your support of Glass for Greyhounds! ?

Glass for Greyhounds
This remaining dog is looking for a forever home (the one in front, not the blurry corgi ?) Click here to adopt it!

Heartfelt thank you

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased a dog face and for your comments and help spreading the word!

First 5 Glass for Greyhounds dogs
For the remaining 3 Glass for Greyhounds dogs. Thank you!
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