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Fused Jellyfish by Janet Crosby

Glass and more glass

A few weeks ago, I bought my friend’s kiln. It is larger than my kilns and I am excited to be able to do larger fused glass pieces. She has not been doing any glass work for several years now and -waitaminute- she gave me her studio supply of sheet glass and tools, too.

So. Much. Glass. It took 3 carloads and a week to unpack the goods. I was like this ?every day.

I have fused small pieces before, but now with a larger kiln, I have so much more space to melt. I have been spending lots of time on my torch creating unique components to go with the sheet glass, like the jellyfish pictured above.

New kiln and messy workbench
New kiln and messy workbench

But first I have been doing small tests to get to know my new kiln and glass. Here are a few of the experiments.

Fused tile by Janet Crosby
I created the patterned piece first. Then assembled the tile and fired again.

Fusing Glass

Fusing is often a two-part process. First: the design, cutting the glass, then into the kiln for a full fuse. The full fuse takes 8-12 hours in the kiln and the glass emerges flat with smooth edges. Once that is done, the glass may hang in a window or on a wall or be used as a tile.

If the end result is to be a shape, then it goes into the kiln a second (or third) time to form. That firing takes about as long as the first, depending on the shape, thickness of glass, and size.

Fused tile by Janet Crosby
This piece has a beautiful iridescent coating that changes in the light.

These glass tiles are ‘phase 1’ of fusing. The easy flat part. ? I will probably fire them again into a bowl, nightlight, etc. Then again, they are fun to have on my bench so I can study them — what works, what doesn’t.

I am very excited about exploring ‘functional art’ — pieces such as lamps, nightlights, cabinet pulls, dishes, etc.

Fused tile by Janet Crosby
I created the patterned piece first. Then assembled the tile and fired again.

Meanwhile, back at the torch

In addition to fusing experiments, I have been busy restocking gallery spaces. Basically doing everything but listing new items here on my website. eeek! I will have some new works hitting the virtual shelves soon. I will post here in the blog when new items are in my website shop.

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