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Knitted Headphones by Janet Crosby

Quick Knit – Headphone Headband

I am a super light sleeper and need my calming tunes to fall asleep. This can be uncomfortable for us side-sleepers. I had some nice soft silicone ‘sleep headphones’ that work great until… they don’t. Which happens often. One earphone invariably shorts out.

I found these flat, paddle-like earphones recently on Amazon (affiliate link). They are meant to fit inside a headband. I wasn’t sure about wearing a headband while trying to sleep. Would that be awkward?

So I decided to knit a headband instead. That way, I could customize the fit and feel of it. And… if it didn’t work out, I would at least have a nice warm dog-walking-music-headband as a consolation prize.

Knitting Recipe

I hate following patterns. I tend to knit (and make it up) as I go along. Here is my recipe for this project. Feel free to adapt as needed.

  1. I knitted a standard hat band — cast on 96 stitches with worsted weight yarn on #5 needles.
  2. I also included an elastic thread (gray bits visible in the photos) for a snug fit that won’t lose shape over time. I held it with the yarn and knit them together for the entire headband. Did not use the elastic thread for the headphone pockets.
  3. I knit a 2×2 ribbing for about an inch, then measured where my ears are and flattened out the ribbing (just did knit stitches) so the paddles would fit nicely.
  4. Knit for another 1+ inch, and then bound off the headband.
  5. I picked up 12 stitches at the headband edge at each ‘ear’ mark and knit a flap for the earphone pocket.
  6. Then I stitched that flap along the rib knit stitches.
Knitted Headphones by Janet Crosby
Could wear it with pockets out or next to ear.

Finished size:
Headband 2.25″ tall
Earphones are 1.75″ diameter – about the size of a half dollar coin

Knitted Headphones by Janet Crosby
Ready to wear

This project took about 2 hours. I am guessing because I didn’t pay close attention to time and had interruptions, but it was a quick knit. I tried this flat headphone/headband set up last night and it fit comfortably and didn’t move around or fall off. Success!

Of course I had help

Quincy always has to be in the know whenever anything ‘new’ is happening. Or anything going on with water. He loves playing in the water. Today, he was drawn to the sound of bubbles as my knit headband soaked in a wash bowl.

Quincy overseeing knitwear washing and blocking - Janet Crosby
Crackle, pop… what’s going on here?
Quincy overseeing knitwear washing and blocking - Janet Crosby
He needed a closer look (of course)
Quincy overseeing knitwear washing and blocking - Janet Crosby
Ok too close. I decided my headband was done soaking at this point.

*Amazon link for headphones is an affiliate link

Follow-up Update – 2.27.19

I have been using this headband about every day since I made it, and I am pleased to report that the headphones are working great. No problem with cords or sound quality. Very worthwhile purchase.

The yarn didn’t hold up as well. I used Malabrigo yarn (which I love!), but it tends to get felt-y and lose its spring with wear. So I added some additional fine elastic thread through the knit stitches of the ribbing to give it some structure and elasticity. Fixed!

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