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The Reluctant Reindog

The Reindogs

I have two websites — this one is for art, my other one is for animals. As you can probably guess, there’s lots of overlap on these topics.

Today I am spotlighting a post over on my other site because it features knitting. In this case, knitting tiny reindeer hats for my dogs. The first post was from 2013 talking about the original reindogs, my two Greyhounds Argos and Purl.

We revisited the reindog hats for this year, trying them out with the reluctant reindog, Avie the Corgi. We adopted Avie in July of 2016, but this is the first year we tried out the reindog hat. She was not immediately pleased.

The Knitting Process

I do not like following patterns, so I knitted and made it up as I went along. For a dog like Avie, if I were to do this again, I would add slots for her natural ears to poke through.

Although… even with that concession, she would probably not like the hat any better. So I will focus my knitting efforts elsewhere. ?

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