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Encased Jellyfish Necklace by Janet Crosby

Build Your Own Necklace

I like to offer a variety of bead styles and necklace chains, and there are certainly more ways to mix-and-match than one. Therefore, it can be difficult — when creating and listing jewelry items — to decide on the ‘final’ product.

So…  I am happy to (finally!) announce that I have installed a ‘builder’ in my shop.

How It Works

Each listing will consist of a single pendant or a pendant-with-chain-included as noted in the listing.

You may select no chain, chain as pictured (if applicable and at no additional cost), or choose from a variety of options — copper cable, steel ball chain, or sterling silver chains.

The price varies with the selection, and will automatically update, based on your choice.

Necklace Builder in action

Try It Out

Here are 3 listings recently updated that you can try out the new necklace builder:

Going Forward

I have updated all previous listings with the builder where applicable. All future listings will be created as ‘buildable’ to create the custom piece you have in mind. I always welcome your comments and suggestions, too.

For this round, it is a necklace builder. I am sure that I will find other things to build/assemble as time goes on. ?

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