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World Vets provides veterinary care for animals that would otherwise have none - photo courtesy of World Vets

Art For Animals Wrap-Up

Thank you to all who participated in sharing the word, bidding, and taking time to learn more about World Vets in the first ever Art for Animals fundraiser!

The Auction

The auction for Pippa the Pencil Thief (photo below) closed at $81.00, and World Vets and I extend hearty congratulations and a big thank you to the winning bidder. ♥️

Pippa The Pencil Thief Necklace

But It’s More Than That

Thank you to all who donated directly to World Vets during the campaign and those of you who shared, liked, and helped spread the word. That was a very fun and rewarding part of this effort.

Interestingly, all 3 winners of the share-the-word raffle for the paw/heart charms shared similar comments, totally unsolicited, upon hearing that they won the raffle.

I share these comments with full permission:

Thanks so much for bringing my attention to the good works of World Vets.
–Karen McMillan, Fido Photography

I plan to continue to support & spread awareness on such a wonderful cause, and look forward to seeing it’s growth and success! I can’t say it enough, it’s so important to have people like you to give a voice to those (big and small) who need it!
–Ruth Oviedo

Thanks so much and thank you for making me aware of such a cool organization to support.

Thank you so much for your kind comments and continuing to share the word.

World Vets provides veterinary care for animals that would otherwise have none - photo courtesy of World Vets
Photo courtesy of World Vets

What I Learned

I learned that the ease of 100% charity donations on eBay has changed in the last few years since I did this. It used to be run by Mission Fish (now defunct) and was easy and seamless. No fees for the seller, no fees for the charity recipient. 100% of the winning bid went directly to the charity in one step. Easy peasy.

Now eBay has eBay for Charity. While it looks like the same program on the surface, I learned that there is a mandatory PayPal connection to run a charity auction.

The upshot: while eBay fees are still waived for me (great) and the charity (great), I was charged PayPal transaction fees to receive the money (not great). I was then invoiced by eBay for charity to send to funds to WorldVets.org. I sent 100% of the winning bid amount — $81.00 — to World Vets. whew.

That is a clunky way to do this, and I disagree with paying fees to receive funds that are not really my money. My whole focus is to have 100% of raised funds go directly to the charity, without me touching it.

I bring this up for two reasons: 

  1. To give others who may want to do charity auctions a heads-up. Searching the FAQs on both eBay and PayPal, I find several others with complaints similar to mine.
  2. I am researching ways to make this as fun and fair as possible to participants and… to cut out the fee-charging middlemen. Ahem, PayPal.

Going Forward – Yay!

I am already working on next month’s fundraiser with World Vets. Suffice to say, the dogs will have their day. ? To receive an email update for each future blog post, please sign up for ‘Don’t Miss A Blog Post’ in the right sidebar of this page (desktop viewing) or right here. ?

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