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Spoonflower Shrooms - Janet Crosby

Spoonflower – Art on Fabric

As many of you know, I love to paint and photograph mushrooms. I have always been ‘aware’ of mushrooms, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, but this renewed interest was surprising, even to me.

It started in my own backyard and then continued with my love of hiking and stopping to take notice of the many varieties and colors of mushrooms.

Mushrooms Everywhere

Let’s take another look.

Grey Mushroom by Janet Crosby
This one was growing upside down(!) and the softest-looking (didn’t touch it) beautiful gray color.
Tiny Forest Mushroom by Janet Crosby
Teeny tiny perfection, sitting pretty in the forest moss.
Beach Mushrooms by Janet Crosby
They are everywhere! Even on the sandy beach.

Watercolor Mushrooms

I started painting them, in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Watercolor Mushroom Cards by Janet Crosby
Mini gift cards. I can’t stop painting them.
Watercolor Mushrooms by Janet Crosby
You can’t have just one…

And Then… Spoonflower

A friend and fellow mushroom-lover suggested putting my art up on Spoonflower. That is a site that custom-prints all sorts of fabric. I have heard of Spoonflower, but not being a person who sews, didn’t really dig into it.

But that got me thinking, and why not give it a try? An art experiment of sorts. I scanned in a few of my mushrooms — one set of ‘neutrals and subtle colors’ and one set of ‘brights’ and I uploaded them to Spoonflower.

Before you can offer any works for sale, you must order a sample swatch of each listing to pre-approve color accuracy and printing quality.

Here are my two swatches. The one on the left are the subtle colors printed on silk, the one on the right are the brights, printed on cotton canvas.

Spoonflower Shrooms - Janet Crosby
I am super happy with the color accuracy and printing!

I impressed with the swatches. I also ordered a sampler pack of all of the fabrics, wallpaper, and gift wrapping paper they offer. Very nice selection.

Here is my little Spoonflower Shop. I still don’t sew but… I do enjoy hand-sewing, and the heavy cotton canvas would be great for making totes or patches. The silk would make a nice scarf.

Disclosure: I earn a small (10%) commission on any fabrics/gift wrap/wallpaper purchased through my Spoonflower shop. Learn more: Spoonflower earnings FAQ 

What Do You Think?

Any sewing people out there? Have you used Spoonflower before? Add your thoughts on the Facebook post or send me an email. Thanks!

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