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Ombre Beads and Fish - Janet Crosby

New Works

I haven’t been listing beads lately, but have been spending a lot of time in my studio the last few weeks. I have been working on a few custom orders, but spending most of my time playing around with some new colors, new bead ideas, and trying to figure out new ways to look at my ‘old’ familiar glass.

Some days this is fun and I am lost in the process. On other days … notsomuch. But whatever the outcome, I do love to reinvent new ways to create with glass.

Here are a few of the things I have been working on.

Ombre Beads and Fish - Janet Crosby
Ombre’ beads and Fish

I am working on patterning and color combinations. Several color combos hit the water bowl; didn’t even make it into the kiln.

Metal Core Beads - Janet Crosby
Metal Core Beads

I learned to core beads many years ago, thanks to Andrea Guarino. I have been enjoying re-visiting this technique and making beads that work well for metal coring.

Waterfall Pendants - Janet Crosby
Waterfall Pendants

I have been exploring the use of fine silver (0.999) foil and heavy silver glass for different effects. I love the idea of simple, interchangeable pendant beads that can be worn on a simple chain.

Ethereal Roosters - Janet Crosby
Ethereal Roosters

These roosters feature the same silver-laden glass to create wispy, ethereal designs that sparkle and catch the light on several layers.

New Beads For Sale

Here is a sneak peak at beads coming up in my Facebook Buying Group this evening. Membership is easy — just click on the link and then the ‘join group’ button. Not on Facebook? No problem. Please contact me to check availability or call dibs on beads/charms featured below.

Rainbow Kitty Charms - Janet Crosby
Rainbow Kitty Charms
Random Bones - Janet Crosby
Random Bones
Paws and Hearts Charms - Janet Crosby
Paws and Hearts Charms


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