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Fall Hike - Giant rock with a single tree

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

I was recently asked this question, and before I blurt out my standard answer of ‘everywhere,’ I carried this question on a hike to mull it over.

I recently discovered an amazing trailhead, only a few minutes from my house. My daughter went with me, and while she still teased me about not being able to complete a hike without picking up a rock and a stick (or two), she didn’t complain about my frequent photo-taking stops. Or me talking on and on about my love of microenvironments. Progress!

A Beautiful Day

It was the proverbial calm before the storm — a gorgeous, warm day and a bright blue sky to boot. Rains arrived that evening. Here are a few of our views.

Here are a few of our views.

Fall Hike - Mushrooms
After the rainiest October in recorded weather history for our area, there were mushrooms everywhere. I love how they push up through all of the leaves and pine needles.
Fall Hike - Last remaining leaves
The last few leaves of fall, hanging on and catching some rays.
Fall Hike - Giant rock with a single tree
Wow. This was one huge rock. With one solitary tree. I admire those trees that can grow on a (seemingly) solid rock.
Fall Hike - Views for miles and miles
The views were quite spectacular.
Fall Hike - Perfect mushroom keyhole
A sky mushroom!
Fall Hike - Microenvironment on a log
My favorite – a microenvironment that has taken over an old fallen log.
Fall Hike - Avie, the nonstop hiker dog
Avie, the nonstop hiker dog!
Fall Hike - Drippy mushrooms
Ooooh! Look at this drippy mushrooms growing on this log.
Fall-inspired glass dog bones (and bird)
A collection of fall-inspired glass dog bone beads.

Fall-Inspired Beads

The glass dog bones pictured above are available now in my Facebook group on Instagram, and coming soon to my shop.

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