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Solitary Mushroom - janetcrosby.com

In the News: Mushrooms

Bear with me, those of you who are tired of my posts about mushrooms. I am still finding so many different kinds out there. Thanks in large part to the rainiest October on record.

I am not the only one noticing the mushroom explosion. My local paper did a feature on mushrooms yesterday, and I am quoted in the article. A fairly lame quote (ha!) but it is worth checking out for the cool mushroom photos.

Meanwhile, here are a few more taken by me on my hikes over the last few days.

More mushrooms - janetcrosby.com

More mushrooms - janetcrosby.com

Mushroom community - janetcrosby.com

Upturned Mushroom - janetcrosby.com

Solitary Mushroom - janetcrosby.com

Mushrooms popping up everywhere - janetcrosby.com

Glass Mushrooms

I still have some glass mushrooms available and will be listing them in my shop over the next few days. Each one is unique. Please feel free to email me if you have any color requests.

More Glass Mushrooms - JanetCrosby.com

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