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Spooky Trees Makeover - janetcrosby.com

Spooky Trees Makeover

I hate being scared. You will never find me at a scary movie or a haunted house. Suffice to say, the only thing I like about Halloween is the candy.

But I couldn’t resist stopping by the Halloween section at Target a while ago. A small framed piece of glass titled ‘Spooky Trees’ grabbed my eye. It was just trees, nothing else to suggest Halloween. I do love trees. I actually liked it ‘as is’ but I also saw the possibility to add my own glass to this piece.

So I lit my torch, grabbed some glass, and pulled some glass hearts and a little bird. Then I set to work re-imagining the spooky forest.

Spooky Forest With Some Color

Spooky Trees Makeover - janetcrosby.com
Now it is a heart forest!

I promptly hung it on my studio wall. Quincy the cat had to be there, as he always is when something is ‘new’ and needs to be investigated. In fact, he had to place himself right between me and the wall as I tried to take the photo.

Quincy and the Spooky Trees - janetcrosby.com
Mr. Q thinks that this is a much better picture now.

I want A Spooky Forest

A few people asked if I was going to sell these or if I had any more available. Sadly, I don’t. It was a quick on-a-whim purchase. I did go back to see if they had any left, but you know how it is with holiday stuff — once it is gone it is gone. It is only October, and I saw Christmas trees at another store yesterday(!).

Art Inspirations

I knowwww that there will be other art inspirations. I will write about them here and tag them as ‘art inspirations’ so they will be easy to find.

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