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Heart Forests and Rain - Fused Glass Suncatchers by Janet Crosby

New Pieces: Heart Forests – Available Today

This week, I am introducing some new fused glass pieces. They are inspired by where I live — rolling green hills of wheat and barley fields — dotted with fir trees. In this case though, I dotted my landscape with hearts. I also made a ‘rain-lover’ fused piece.

Because, rain! ☔

Heart Forests and Rain - Fused Glass Suncatchers by Janet Crosby

These pieces require 2 kiln firings, ~8 hours each time. To start, I cut a piece of clear glass, then add in some green aventurine glass shards. I love aventurine. It is the perfect green for me, and… it is sparkly. ✨

Then I create the nichrome wire hanger (this wire can withstand very high temps)  and add a second piece of clear glass. Finally, I add additional aventurine on top to create depth. Into the kiln it goes.

That creates this, the ‘blank’ I use to create the scene. The edges are smoothed and it is a nice chunk of glass.

Rolling Hills - fused glass by Janet Crosby

While the pieces are in the kiln for the first firing, I light up the torch to start making hearts and raindrops.

Glass Hearts - janetcrosby.com

Because really… can you have too many hearts? I don’t think so.

Red Glass Hearts by Janet Crosby

After I place the hearts and raindrops on the pieces, back into the kiln they go to fuse the elements to the base piece. This firing lasts ~8 hours too.

Here is my workbench – with mini suncatchers in various stages of firing and completion.

Heart Forest Workbench - janetcrosby.com

And now I am off to take photos and prepare listings for this week’s First Dibs Sale happening in my Facebook group. Please join us!

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